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Welcome to my collection of the sloppiest, carp catching spod mix recipes I could find! I mean, you can put almost ANYTHING into a spod mix, but a good place to start with is mixed pellets, crushed boilies and hemp. I’ve spoken to every single one of my carp friends, and asked them to put together a list of ingredients that goes into their spod. 08.12.2017 · WINTER CARP FISHING EDGES BOILIES 2 - Want to know what Winter Spod Mix I use and why I use different particles and boilies in Spod Mix to get more Winter Carp bites? Then Join me for the third. The ultimate big carp spod mix. The best way of doing this was to make the mix up a day prior to the session and adding half a bottle of the liquid to the mix. By the next day it had all absorbed in to the pellets and boilies and would leak out the baits over time.

Attract Carp with this Spod Mix Recipe. Spodding is a popular technique of delivering bait over or near your rig. Bait delivery is usually via a spod rocket, cast over the target area – similar to the one below in fact. The key to perfecting spodding is using the right. 17.03.2017 · How to make a go anywhere spod mix. Website:. Best Carp Fishing Particle Bait Party Mix Corn Hemp Birdseed Tiger Nuts & Spod / Spomb Mix - Duration: 16:48. Brian Wingard 31,308 views.

What's the best spod mix to use on a well-stocked lake in winter or early spring? Mainline's Steve Spurgeon has an answer. For more great tips from top anglers head to this year’s The Big One Show. 28.08.2019 · This video shows you how to create one of the best carp fishing spod mixes. At Pallatrax we call this a sick mix and is a great technique when spodding for carp. This is an awesome way to create. 20.11.2017 · Rich interprets his view on a baiting strategy known by us at Pallatrax as adding the "sick". Its one of our favourite ways to create what we refer to as the. I must say that less than 12 months ago ‘spodding’ or ‘spombing’ in my case wasn’t even on my radar, it didn’t appeal to me and to be honest did not match my style of fishing but now I find myself doing it every session with great success, I even think I have found the best spod mix available for under £10 for 10kg, bargain right!. Before I tell you about this incredible fish.

18.08.2013 · Here is a clip of billy showing his spod mix and then whacking a few out bang on the spot. The spod mix includes; mixed particle, mirco pellets, active maple 8 and monster squid purple pellets. If you're heading to Linear Fisheries you'll want to keep the carp in your swim with the best spod mix you can create. Fortunately, with quality ingredients you can keep things simple and still get among these pressured day-ticket fish. Here's our guide to the best day-ticket spod mix around. Fo.

This completes are the ultimate big carp spod mix. The mix is full of flavour, colour, shapes and sizes that will attract any carp patrolling near your swim. Remember to start off with a few spod fulls of mix and when the carp begin to feed, gradually add more. How to make a super insanely cloudy spod mix Step-by-step. Okay, so you can buy one of many ‘ready-to-go cloudy spod mix’ where you just add lake water, but have you seen the price of those?! This mix isn’t just a damn sight cheaper but it’s even cloudier, even more attractive, and really easy to make. 10.08.2007 · my spod mix is a really cheap one because i dont have the money for expensive things. this stuff called layers mash £5 4 20k some mashed bread, few tins of corn,few tins chic peas. tin of tuna, 2 tin of peas, few tins of chilli beans, oats. How to fish sloppy spod mix over zigs. How to Thom Airs May 26, 2017 Zigs,. depositing a ‘sloppy spod mix’ over the top of your suspended hookbaits can be the best tactic available all year round.

Spod Mix Recipes That Drive Big Carp Crazy Carp.

Most carp anglers use a spod of some kind to place out bait at regular intervals during a fishing session, but are there any good tactics that can ensure a more effective bait presentation to attract the larger carp into feeding?. I firmly believe that when we spod out bait, the majority of time we just end up with small, consistently sized patches of spod mix scattered around an area the size. 16.04.2019 · Best i Test 2020: I denne artikkelen gjennomgår vi en rekke uavhengige tester av ledende skandinaviske testmagasiner og aviser. Artikkelen har samlet de maskinene som får beste anbefalinger. Etter gjennomgang av de enkelte modeller, kommer vi med et par råd for valg av kjøkkenmaskin.

Check out our sloppy spod mix recipes and put more fish on the bank. From succulent sweetcorn - to maggots and pellets, here's a spod mix that will attract carp! Carp Fishing Rigs Carp Rigs Best Fishing Fly Fishing Fishing Tips Fish Hook Fishing Techniques Bass Flat. More information. My mix consists of hemp, chili oil, crushed boilies, can of tuna cheapest stuff you can find, frozen corn and some bird seed. You will need to soak the seed in boiling water for 24 hours to soften them up. You can also bulk up you spod mix with some bread. It is worth.

Best Spod Mix10kg of ‘Munga’ for Under £10 –.

Mix thoroughly, and we suggest adding a liquid attractant which will help bind everything together and reduce your spod mix from falling out during the cast. Talking of casting, if you can plug the end of your spod rocket or spomb with a handful of pellet, this can also prevent your mix. 07.09.2006 · Hi guys I could really do with some help. I am going on a 48 hr session next week and would like some ideas on what would be the best spod mix to use in a weedy lake. Any help would be very much appreciated. I dont really have the option to spend £s and £s. Check out our sloppy spod mix recipes and put more fish on the bank. From succulent sweetcorn - to maggots and pellets, here's a spod mix that will attract carp! Carp Fishing Rigs Carp Rigs Best Fishing Fly Fishing Fishing Tips Fish Hook Fishing Techniques Bass. 19.01.2007 · hi all just started using a spod just wondered best sort of mix to use i currently use hemp,some halibut pellets tin of sweetcorn and a handful of whole and crushed boilies does this sound ok. what sort of amounts do i want 2 put out normally ill put half a dozen spod loads out should i. With so many different baits on the market, knowing exactly what to put in a spod mix can be a bit of a minefield. If you have seen the most recent Carp Catchers 2 film on DVD or Youtube, you would have seen me use my ‘Simple Spod mix’. The reason that I call it simple, is that it’s based around just 3 key ingredients; hemp, pellets and corn.

Best liquid to add to a spod mix in winter? Going on a 3 day session tommoro I’ve pre made some spod mix wondering what liquids would be best to add to it in the morning? 5 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. level 1. Jangkentoka. 2 points · 38 minutes ago. Large-spooled big pit reels loaded with braided line and a strong mono shockleader are best as they will take the brunt of a powerful cast, yet the large spool and thin diameter braid will not slow the spod down as it flies. The best rods are specialiy designed spod rods having test.

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