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Federal’s Gold Medal Match 168-grain boat-tail hollow point bullet is the renowned Sierra MatchKing. This projectile has been used the world over to help win countless long-range matches. This round screams through the air at 2,650 fps out of the muzzle energy is 2,619 foot pounds and boasts a ballistic coefficient of just 0.462. The data was summarized in 308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO: Barrel Length versus Velocity 28″ to 16.5″. This post provides ’s readers the complete data set for Federal 308 Winchester Gold Medal 168 grain Matchking BTHP ammunition.

It’s a state of mind. A dedication to push further. And it’s why Federal Premium builds Gold Medal rifle loads. The exclusive primer design provides the best sensitivity and most consistent ballistics in the industry. The precision-built Sierra MatchKing bullet is shot. A higher ballistic coefficient compared to the 168 grain bullet 2200 allows it to remain supersonic at 1000 yards when fired from 308/7.62mm caliber Service Rifles. Sierra MatchKing® bullets have set the standards worldwide for consistent accuracy in handguns as well as rifles. These extraordinary loads combine the legendary Sierra MatchKing bullet with Federal's proven quality standards and stringent manufacturing controls to create a round that is as accurate as a match load, but available from the factory. Federal Sierra MatchKing.308 rounds have been used to win target competitions and have acclaimed accuracy. Federal Premium Sierra MatchKing bullets have very thin jackets and are held to exacting tolerances in diameter and weight.Their accuracy has been acclaimed worldwide and they have been used to win more target competitions than all target bullets from other manufacturers combined. .308/7.62x51mm.308 Winchester ammo rifle Federal 168 grainsComparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all i.

Sierra Bullets is excited to release load data for four of our newest bullets: the 22 caliber 95 gr HPBT MatchKing 1396, 6.5mm 150 gr HPBT MatchKing 1755, 30 caliber 200 gr HPBT MatchKing 2231, and 30 caliber 230 gr HPBT MatchKing 2251. If you handload for 22-250, 223 Remington, 6.5 x284 Norma, 308 Winchester,. For serious rifle competition, you'll be in championship company with MatchKing® bullets. The hollow point boat tail design provides that extra margin of ballistic performance match shooters need to fire at long ranges under adverse conditions. FEDERAL GOLD MATCH.308 WIN, 175 GRAIN, SIERRA MATCHKING BOAT-TAIL HOLLOW POINT. Certified gun dealer outlet in Canada Canada gun shop. 14.07.2011 ·.308 Win. Federal Gold Metal Match Boat Tail Hollow 168 Grain I know this is one of the premium factory rounds from match shooting. How is this for a deer hunting round?. I'm sorry, I misunderstood what the question was, I load my own with the sierra matchking 168 hpbt.

In the days before the 175 gr. Sierra MatchKing SMK, the 168 SMK ruled supreme in the 308 Winchester. Back then it was sometimes referred to as a “heavy match” bullet since it was a step up in weight from the 147-150 grain projectiles I actually had a Khales 26mm tactical scope cammed for it with “HM” inscribed on the turret. These extraordinary loads combine the legendary Sierra MatchKing bullet with Federal's proven quality standards and stringent manufacturing controls to create a round that is as accurate as a match load,. Federal 308 Win Ammunition Gold Medal GM308M 168 Grain Sierra Matchking Boat Tail Hollow Point 20 Rounds. $31.99 Our Price: $18.49. Federal 7.62x51mm 175 Grain Sierra MatchKing GM762M2 Ammo - 20 Rounds Per Box Federal 7.62x51mm 175 Grain Sierra MatchKing GM762M2 Ammo - 20.

07.11.2016 · Hello All, Was wondering if I could use federal premium 308 168 gr sierra matchking BTHP bullets for my upcoming antelope hunt this fall or are they strictly a target bullet ? They shoot incredibly well out of my Ruger american 308 and was hoping to take antelope or whitetails with it. Any. Federal Gold Medal.308 Win 168 Grain Sierra Match King Boat Tail Hollow Point - a - 20 Rounds per Box. These heralded loads combine the legendary Sierra® MatchKing® Boat-tail bullet with Federal's proprietary delivery system. Looking for Match Grade 308 Win Ammo for competitions? Look no further than Federal Premium's Gold Medal Sierra Match King 308 Win 175 gr HPBT ammo. Many shooting experts consider this the most accurate match round available from a factory. Federal utilizes their Sierra MatchKing Boat-tail bullet to provide extreme accuracy. Federal Gold Medal 7.62x51mm NATO Ammo 175 Grain Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point - GM762M2 Federal Gold Medal 7.62x51mm NATO Ammo 175 Grain Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 7.62x51mm ammunition only at our online store. Target Sports USA carries and sells the entire line of Federal. See Federal Premium LE Rifle details. You get one shot. It has to be perfect. No questions. Skill, rifle and ammunition must work together to obtain the maximum result.

Federal Premium® offers the most advanced ammunition for all types of rifles. From service to training, from full-autos to bolt-action rifles, we offer the best rounds for the task at hand. Click below to learn more about the individual loads we offer.

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